7 Chicago Schools to Get 100K in Technology

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Technological contrivances these days have become more of a necessity than a simple desired luxury. With that in mind, seven Chicago schools are to be awarded with $100,000 scholarship each for the purpose of expanding technological resources mainly in the forms of iPhone, iPads, laptops and similar learning tools. These will be utilized by the faculty members to give a more advanced and steadfast approach in teaching lessons to the student body. The grant awarding will be happening every Tuesday and this move is believed to be key to ceasing the mired teaching ways stemming from hardbound lesson plans and the sheer use of whiteboard markers.

Apart from the individualized learning system that can be taken advantage of by the students, the education groups behind the grants strongly believe how technology will expedite the teaching process and ease the learning bottles for the students; to an extent that they can simply drink the lessons and actually digest them rather than letting them out from ear to ear. This is purely tantamount to the sentiments disclosed by the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation who hand in hand makes the grant possible with the Bill & Melinda gates Foundation — both have just finished funding the Breakthrough Schools for the initial technological enhancements.

Chicago Schools Technology Grant

Chicago Tribune

According to Phyllis Lockett, LEAP Innovations CEO, these grant opportunities will help restructure the teaching pillars of every school encompassed by the scopes, particularly the three charter schools included, and that goes for the teachers in delivering knowledge to the students. She also mentioned that the tablets and such won’t be used to simply stylize the aesthetic properties of the educational institutions. Instead, they are mainly for the advantage of helping in the mastery of the quadrivium of geometry, physics, music and arts, as well as for the trivium made up of grammar, rhetoric and logic. In simpler terms, the technological fortification of the schools through this funding program in Chicago is aiming to give a holistic approach.

In addition, the administrative board behind this scheme is planning other grant projects after this one. This time, it would be for the comfort of the teachers after a survey was done on whether they were getting a much better experience preparing their lesson plans at Starbucks rather than their office desks at the faculty offices. And the teachers responded with “Starbucks”.  So basically, that’s another implication for the entrenchment of coffee machines. As a final note, a $350,000 grant will be awarded to the most meritorious of seven Chicago schools.

With all of the issues surrounding our public school systems it appears that these grants at least have a good chance of making a significant positive impact on the long term direction of the education process.