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The Chicago School Reviews is owned and operated by Samantha Carter, a participating Founder of ChicagoSchoolReviews.com. Though not an educator herself, Ms Carter, a Chicago parent, has a keen interest in Chicago area schools, as well as nationwide.

She also believe that the direction of US education should be decided by teachers, senior administrators who have classroom experience, and parents, not politicians who have never taught.

If I had a brain tumor, I wouldn’t ask a plumber to fix it. – Samantha Carter

To that end, Ms Carter established TCSR to give educators an independent platform to voice their opinions and share their ideas free from political or administrative constraints. Ms Carter also endeavors to spotlight various educators and programs of note as they are brought to her attention.

In all of this Ms Carter invites the public to join the discussion.

I welcome you and look forward to reading your thoughts.

TCSR is self funded by Ms Carter and a variety of sources that wish to remain private during this beta phase.

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