Boston’s Top Ten Trade Schools

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Boston’s Top Ten Trade Schools
Boston’s trade schools offer a thriving center of education for anyone looking for flexible options in career advancement. These trade schools cater to a range of interests, including the culinary arts, massage therapy, pharmacy technician, nursing, or automotive repair.
  1. Lincoln Technical Institute: At Lincoln Technical Institute, students can train in hospitality, HVAC Technology, health sciences, or automotive technology. With accelerated programming, Lincoln works to quickly move students from the classroom to the real world through Career Placement Assistance.
  2. The New England Institute Of Art: A branch of the Art Institutes, the New England Institute of Art provides training in filmmaking, fashion, web design, photography, and other media arts fields. The experienced instructors at the New England Institute of Art help students connect to real world opportunities, smoothing the transition from school to work.
  3. Porter & Chester Institute: Students at the Porter & Chester Institute have a wide range of interests, including the allied health fields, automotive technologies, HVAC, and drafting. The Porter & Chester Institute also offers practical career services, helping to place its students into the workforce.
  4. North Bennet Street School: Since 1885, NBSS has been helping adults find meaningful employment. Today students can train in carpentry, cabinetry, jewelry making, locksmithing, piano technology, and more. The unique offerings of NBSS, coupled with its history of high quality training, make it an ideal place of study.
  5. ITT Technical Institute: ITT Tech is one of the biggest names in trade education. A mainstay since 1969, students at ITT Tech can train in web development, computer drafting and design, digital entertainment and game design, and even paralegal studies.
  6. Universal Technical Institute: UTI offers training in automotive technology and diesel and industrial technologies through its Boston campus. With an emphasis on hands-on education, UTI can help any motivated student earn industry credentials.
  7. Le Cordon Bleu College Of Culinary Arts: Le Cordon Bleu is one of the top names in culinary education. For those interested in the hospitality industry or the culinary arts, Le Cordon Bleu offers classical training in modern, high-tech kitchens. Students at Le Cordon Bleu practice running their own restaurants and receive career placement assistance.
  8. The Art Institutes: The Art Institutes train creative and self-motivated individuals in the media arts, culinary arts, graphic and interior design, and fashion industries. With industry-experienced instructors, students at the Arts Institutes are encouraged to envision their own future and are guided toward real world career opportunities.
  9. Cortiva Institute: The Cortiva Institute provides training in massage therapy and bodywork for students interested in this flexible and rewarding field. Cortiva is an accredited educational institution and provides career placement assistance for its students.
  10. National Personal Training Institute: At NPTI, students train in supervised gym environments and learn about the relationship between fitness and nutrition. NPTI students gain the experience needed to take the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s Certified Personal Trainer examination.

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