Chicago Charter School Expulsion Rates Higher Than Public School

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As disciplinary policies become tighter in an attempt to keep students from skipping class, data was released showing that privately run charter schools in Chicago expel their students at a relatively alarming rate. In fact, they do this more than the remainder of the school district.

What Did the Data Reveal?

There were some significant discoveries after reviewing the available data, one of them being that 307 students were forced to relinquish their spots at charter schools. This was based on about 50,000 students attending charter schools. However, in district-run schools, the numbers were much lower as only about 182 students were expelled out of 353,000.

What Does This Mean?

Well, if you break down the numbers, about 61 out of every 10,000 charter school students are expelled while about 5 out of every 10,000 district school students are expelled. Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the CPS chief stated that these numbers will continue to fuel the ongoing debates regarding the charter schools in the city of Chicago.

Does The Data Distress Chicago Education?

While there is a lot of controversy regarding the topic, the President of Illinois Network of Charter Schools, Andrew Broy, discounted the argument that expulsions in charter schools occur in an attempt to improve the academy’s overall academic record. He added that, due to the relatively small percentage of students who are expelled, the numbers wouldn’t drastically effect the school’s overall performance.

Flipside of the Argument

It’s safe to assume that the charter-school population is tilted more towards those students whose parents are more involved in their education. As a result, you would expect these students to make more of an effort to stay out of trouble. And because of this assumption, you could go on to add that charter schools are being far too aggressive when it comes to disciplining their students.

Parting Thoughts

Ask any teacher in the Chicago school district and he or she will tell you that even the smallest groups of students can cause massive disruptions in hallways and classrooms. Stricter disciplinary actions would result in a better overall atmosphere as well as provide teachers with more energy and focus.  So maybe charter school expulsion programs aren’t such a bad thing- or are they?

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