College Athletes To Unionize

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College Athletes Initiate UnionizationCollege-Athletes-Union

Northwestern University is a private college that provides many opportunities for learning, and has several different campuses. Since the year that the school was originally founded, 1851, the school has made many changes that have influenced colleges across the country. Not long ago, the school helped to address the issue of whether or not college athletes who receive scholarships for the sports that they play could be permitted to form a union. After many debates, hearings, and public discussions, a decision was finally reached but there are many different opinions present throughout all of the arguments seen.

The Purpose of a Union
The question of a possible union has been discussed in the past, but this is the first time the topic has progressed and an official decision has been made. It has been debated that students who are strictly attending the college with a sports scholarship may be considered employees of the university where they attend. Although there is some controversy, it is the reason that athletes at Northwestern University are permitted to form the first union of this kind. The main purpose of this union is to help injured athletes receive the medical care that they need

The NLRB Allows Union Formation
The National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, is the organization that ultimately the decision that made it possible for students to form their union. They considered the nearly $235 million income that the college athletes generated over a 10 year period while they were making their decision. It has been decided that the athletes who bring in revenue that helps many programs should be able to play their sports with the knowledge that any injuries incurred because of sports will be taken care of properly and medical bills will not be an issue.

NCAA Disagrees with Final Decision
NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) disagreed strongly with the decision. It does not consider student-athletes to be employees of their school and say that athletes are there to improve their lives, enjoy their sports, and continue with their academic career. Although the president of the NCAA has pushed for some changes to be made and suggested stipends to the players, the organization does not agree with the decision that these athletes are employees of their schools. They consider the fact that most athletes are not playing college sports because they are looking to earn money from it, but because they enjoy their sports and are seeking to pursue their interests as long as possible.

Opinion of the Players
Various opinions have been seen among the athletes at Northwestern University and it varies from person to person. Many students feel that the union is important because it will help them afford proper medical care after an injury. Other individuals are there because they enjoy the sport and are not looking for anything more; they do not consider themselves employees of the school. In addition, some students also feel that the creation of this union could have a critical impact on the rest of the school as well as other universities across the country.