Investing in Early Childhood Education | Chicago School Reviews

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investing in early childhoodOn January 17th, when the President signed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, he invested an additional $1 million in to early childhood education of America. He stated that it was the right step towards early childhood education and a great investment towards the future of the company. He further ensured his commitment in an address at the State of The Union, asking the Congress to make high quality early education available to every 4 year old. The President is also expected to try to capitalize on the educational momentum and argue again about the need to provide high quality education to 4 year olds belonging to lower income families.

The President also explained that children who are enrolled in a quality preschool education program graduate High School with good grades and they are less likely to involve in criminal activities in the future and it also decreases the chances of their dependence on social services in the future.

Stressing the efficiency of charter schools, in a Board meeting, the President of the Chicago Board of Education also said,” Our goal is for quality schools. There’s been agnosticism towards the form of the schools, but there is a strong belief that charters do provide quality just like contract schools and just as importantly-as our regular schools.”

He continued, “This whole effort is about improving the overall quality of our schools and the education of our children, and as you can tell by the discussion today, we have a lot of challenging balancing to do between different views of how to go about executing that goal.”

Throughout the last few years, there have been a number of reforms made to aid early childhood education; the introduction of charter schools in Chicago is a great example. The district authorities realized that a large number of schools were facing under-enrollment problems and some were too over crowded. This led to the approval of almost 17 charter elementary and high schools. In Chicago alone, the district plans to open up 60 new charter schools by the end of 2017.

The bottom line is preschools provide substantial results in the long term, especially when the programs are designed appropriately. The Presidential reform, the Common Core does this by setting standards for subjects and how they are taught in pre-schools and elementary levels. Therefore, the future of children depends on the early childhood education they get.