Mayor Emanuel Expands Math Tutoring

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Math Tutoring on Steroids

Chicago is home to many different groups of people of varying race, social status, education level, and other factors that make this population so diverse. Recently, the city has taken a special interest in working to improve the local schools, creating better opportunities for troubled teens, and offering the guidance necessary to for children to succeed. The mayor has promised to take the generous donations that the city recently received and to use them to fund programs that will help youth throughout the area.

Balancing Factors
With the new programs in place, students will have access to sporting events as well as math tutoring programs. Using both factors to balance each other can help students remain motivated, active, and interested in their work. Although this is specifically geared toward teen boys, it works well with girls as well and can be very successful among a wide variety of students. Healthy activity is crucial for teenagers and can help brain activity improve.

Troubled Living Conditions
Studies have shown that children who come from troubled homes are more likely to face struggles throughout their entire lives. Many students like this, especially those who come from colored families or are minorities are likely to face additional challenges that can prevent them from achieving their full potential. It can be hard for students to make it to school every day, to remain alert and active during lessons, or to complete their work. Coming from difficult conditions significantly decreases a student’s chance of graduation.

Individualized Tutoring
As well as many other things, one of the key components of this tutoring program is that the tutors work in very small groups, which are mostly limited to two students per tutor (this is not always the case, and it is the aim for tutors to work one-on-one with their students). Receiving personal attention and individual time, it can be easier for a student to learn the material and retain the knowledge when they are completing work on their own.

Better Environments
This program works to help keep students off of the streets and away from dangerous environments. Schools and neighborhoods have had extra safety measures put into place to help people throughout the area to live happier and healthier lives where students and families may be able to concentrate on more important things. This program is shown to nearly double a failing student’s chances of graduating on schedule, without any more problems. Over the past few years, this program has grown substantially and with the new funds available it is hoped that the program will continue to grow and blossom to reach all troubled teens who are in need.