Top Online Colleges in Chicago | The Chicago School Reviews

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Online College #1: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

This Chicago school offers an online B.A. Psychology degree that will push students towards greater and more meaningful opportunities. The program offers them the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree at one of the nation’s most well-recognized psychology institutions. In the program, students will learn about foundational psychology as well as behavioral health.

Online College #2: Loyola University

Loyola University of Chicago offers high-quality, demanding online courses that will push graduates, undergraduates, and professionals who are trying to continue their education. Started back in 2002, the program features one admirable academic experience that will open up many doors for students.

Online College #3: University of Illinois at Chicago

This online program offers challenging, relevant, and engaging learning experiences for students who are hungry for success. Nursing, public health, engineering, and education are a few of the many courses that can be taken online. Come experience higher education from this nationally acclaimed program.

Online College #4: Westwood College

At Westwood College, students will be exposed to sophisticated multimedia technology that will help deliver an impeccable learning experience. Online courses include business, healthcare, design, and justice. Students can also opt to earn a Master of Business Administration degree, something that will help them take their career to the next level.

Online College #5: DePaul University

This university offers a Bachelor of Arts degree that can be taken completely online. While a variety of majors can be studied, the more popular ones are the psychology programs. With an abundance of online courses offered each quarter, this online college experience offers students with the flexibility and freedom that they need to earn their degree.

Online College #6: University of Chicago

At UChicago’s online degree program, students will learn from well-recognized faculty who will help showcase their strengths. The intuition has definitely distinguished themselves from other Chicago online schools over the years.

Online College #7: Concordia University

Concordia Unversity’s online graduate program provides students with flexibility in regards to their online scheduling. Already established as a premium financial intuition, the college provides access to a large number of University-related resources, allowing students to thrive during difficult times.

Online College #8: Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies

With an online master’s degree certificate program, this online college covers a wide range of academic topics. They are fully accredited, and offer some of the better online technology around, something that helps delivered a heightened sense of interactivity between faculty and students.

Online College #9: Argosy University

Come earn an established academic degree at this online university. Here, students will be able to enjoy a supportive academic environment that is backed by efficient training methods and a lot of schedule flexibility.

Online College #10: Columbia College

Columbia College of Chicago is a recognized and international leader in arts and media education. With more than a century of experience under their belt, they offer well-structured online course that will help students develop a greater understanding about their desired career paths.