Top Chicago Public High Schools | The Chicago School Reviews

School #1: Northside College Preparatory High School National Rank: 33 Students Enrolled: 1,088 Summary: Located at 5501 North Kedzie Ave in Chicago, Illinois, Northside College Preparatory High School offers in-depth curriculums that focus on technology, constitutional law, and physics. Other popular courses include web design, advanced data structures, and computer science. The majority of classes […]

investing in early childhood

Investing in Early Childhood Education | Chicago School Reviews

On January 17th, when the President signed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, he invested an additional $1 million in to early childhood education of America. He stated that it was the right step towards early childhood education and a great investment towards the future of the company. He further ensured his commitment in an address at […]


Top Mistakes Students Make When Pursuing an Online Degree

Online courses provide students with the flexibility needed to juggle the many responsibilities in their life. However, it’s quite common for students to experience a road bump or two along the way. Let’s take a look at some mistakes that students tend to make when in pursuit of an online degree. Mistake #1: Failing to […]

Chicago State president’s salary reduced

University trustees cite new state pension law while extending Watson’s contract

Chicago State University trustees extended President Wayne Watson’s contract Friday and also reduced his salary to comply with a new state law that lowers the amount public university employees can earn if they are drawing a pension from a prior state university job.

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Why are Schools in Chicago Failing?

In April, over 100 Chicago Public Schools students made news when they skipped their standardized testing to protest the tests instead. Speaking to the press, one CPS student said that the protest was designed to draw attention to the fact that “standardized testing should not decide the future of our schools and students.” Student-led zombie […]

Presenting the CPS Student Advisory Council

Student voices to lend valuable perspective to District leadership. So that CPS students can play an active role in shaping their education, CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett has convened the District’s first-ever Student Advisory Council (SAC) – a diverse group of high school juniors who are eager to share their unique perspectives with CPS senior leadership. Representing […]

New Charter Schools to Open in Chicago | The Chicago School Reviews

Chicago Charter Schools Last year, nearly 50 district run schools were closed due to a number of evolving problems in the educational system. According to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, primarily there were two leading problems which led to the shutdown of schools in the South and West side of Chicago: They had too few students and […]


Chicago Public Schools Change Elite High School Entrance Exam

Each year, a large number of students go through the terrifying process of preparing to get in to the top schools of Chicago. To be frank, it isn’t easy and not every student is able to successfully land at an elite high school. It was already difficult earlier but recently, Chicago Public Schools added another […]

The Chicago School make-up days

How Will Chicago Schools Make-Up Lost School Days?

On January 6th, 7th and again on January 27th and 28th, the heavy snow and frigid temperatures resulted in shutting down of schools in Chicago. It was too cold for students to come to their schools, in fact, with temperatures dropping below record lows of -11°, it was too cold for anyone to come out […]