Responses to RTI – The Chicago School Reviews

Responses to RTI Author Sam Carter of & It is no secret or surprise that many students struggle with the standard curriculum at any school. While this does not necessarily indicate a specific learning disability, it does mean that students who struggle need extra support. A form of support that has taken off over the […]

The Meaning of “High Stakes” in Standardized Testing

The Meaning of “High Stakes” in Standardized Testing Author Sam Carter of & In both lower and upper school, the phrase “high stakes” means exactly what it sounds like: exams that have enormous consequences for the test takers. In the years following the passing of No Child Left Behind, high stakes testing became the legal […]

Early Childhood Education Budget Cuts – The Chicago School Reviews

Early Childhood Education Budget Cuts Author Sam Carter of & When President Obama came into office, prospects for education looked promising. The President spoke of a vested interest in public education and, according to a recent NPR interview, particularly in early childhood education. However, the past two years have seen enormous drops in […]

Assessment: Towards a New Frontier

Author: Katherine Vazquez Assessment is a monumental part of any classroom, and it must be done accurately and frequently. Knowledge acquired, especially in the field of literacy, can often be quite difficult to gauge. That is why some of the greatest tools in a teacher’s arsenal, at least when it comes to assessment, are rubrics. […]

The Role of the Pedagogue in Technology Integration

The Role of the Pedagogue in Technology Integration Author Katherine Vazquez Electronic learning is revolutionizing both how students learn and how teachers teach. Teachers must strive to accommodate students who love to use platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and for whom “texting” has nothing to do with text books.  Although modern educational infrastructures support […]