Press Release May 29th – Extra Income For Teachers – The Chicago School Reviews

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Sam Carter
300 N LaSalle Suite 4925
Chicago, IL 60654
Extra income for teachers
Teachers now have a place to read what other teachers are doing and the share what they are doing as well
while getting paid to write those articles., is an exciting new service which brings the right voices to the right

Founder and operator Sam Carter said, “We go to a mechanic to tell us about cars. We talk to a doctor
about maintaining good health. It only makes sense to make use of the knowledge of educators when it
comes to our education. This digital age brings education to our computers and allows us to bring voices
from around the country together.”

The website’s launch and the praise it is receiving from teachers so far leads Mr. Carter to believe it was
time for this kind of site. He pointed out education is a driving force in today’s job market. With the
internet and personal computers, finding the time to enhance an education has never been easier.

“Teachers do what they do because they believe in it,” Carter said “They deserve the best opportunity to
give their students more opportunities. Teachers are also great collaborators and is just another way to help this effort.”

The Chicago School Reviews provides a platform for teachers to reach out and make a difference in the
education quality of students. Their voices can reach well beyond the walls of a classroom.

“I believe in our children and in our adults seeking higher education,” Carter said “And I believe in the fine
teachers everywhere dedicated to helping their students along the path of education.”

The launch of The Chicago School Reviews will help to bring educators together for a common goal. A
wide range of educator written and focused topics on the website will be a wealth of knowledge for
teachers and students alike.

“I hope to see many teachers come on board with this.” said Sam Carter “This is such a great opportunity
for them.”

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