Higher Ed Officials Resist New Law on Basic Skills Test

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Students who attend college to become a teacher have to undergo many programs and tests that will ensure they are prepared to teach America’s youth. One of the most important tests is the basic skills test all potential teachers must pass before they are permitted to enter the teacher preparation programs that are crucial. Lately, many questions have come up about whether the test is fair and some people suggest that the test might be preventing struggling students and minority students from passing the test because there is not enough time.Higher Ed Officials Resist New Basic Skills Test Law

Requirements of the Test
Originally, this basic skills test had to be passed before their junior year in college. Unless students had passed the test, they would not be permitted to continue with various programs, such as the teacher preparation program, and they would not be allowed to start student teaching. Now, laws have been changed that have given colleges the choice of when the test must be passed and whether or not students can request a brief extension of this time period. It now must be passed before the final semester of the senior year, before student teaching usually starts.

Controversy Behind the Skills Test
Many people have argued that minority groups and struggling students, especially black or Hispanic students, may have a harder time passing the test because of their backgrounds. Although they may absolutely make great teachers, it has been suggested that this basic skills test prevents them from becoming teachers. This test is, however, still necessary because it tests on the basic skills that are required for a teacher to be successful in today’s schools.

What Students Say
The students who are required to take these tests have varying opinions. Many of them feel that the test is important, though it is challenging. It is necessary for the test to be in place and for it to be required; otherwise America’s youth will not be taught by teachers and instructors who have the necessary skills and knowledge base. Education is crucial for this country, and without the test in place, it can be hard to judge who will make appropriate teachers and who will not.

Basic skill level tests are very necessary, especially in the education field, if we are to make sure that today’s children are receiving the education and proper teaching that they need to succeed in the real world, later on in life. Teachers work with individuals on a daily basis and help to build their knowledge for important jobs—when the entire future of a child can be influenced by their teachers, it is important that their teachers be well prepared and have all of the skills necessary to help them succeed in every way that they can. Without this basic skills test, the education system would suffer and America’s school ratings and grade levels would decline.