Social Psychology Training With a Twist – The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is an accredited non-profit graduate program that’s highly respected and offers students many options to pursue the field of social psychology. Students can benefit from their unique combination of theoretical practice and classroom instruction. In the very first semester of attendance, students being to take part in on the job training opportunities. Whether the goal is to build a resume or to simply gain the necessary skills to pursue a career in this field, this graduate program is an excellent choice.

Social Psychology

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Difference

There are many options to earn a graduate level psychology degree, but one of the ways in which this school stands out is its assistance program to help students find the best internship opportunities. Most schools will assist with placement, but the Chicago School has a unique approach that results in an unparalleled variety of inspiring hands-on experiences. Every year more than 800,000 hours of career-relevant work are completed by students at the school.

On Campus Training

The Chicago School Centers, which are located on each campus, provide training and other opportunities for students to work right alongside faculty members. They perform a wide range of services to local clients, including early intervention for children with autism, family and individual therapy, assistance and intervention to parents who are working to regain custody for their children, and consulting services to local companies.

Training in the Community

With a special community partnership model, students are linked to hundreds of opportunities at partner agencies located in a number of local communities. There students can develop their skills and add essential work to their resumes, all while gaining meaningful experience in many settings and with many types of clients. From conducting research and assessing, to providing counseling services, to assisting with the development and launch of new programs, students have the opportunity to participate in unique planning efforts.

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International Training

Students of the Chicago School of Psychology also have access to a large variety of field work experience opportunities around the world. Examples including working in Rwanda with childcare workers helping genocide survivors, presenting research at international conferences, and even engaging in the Power of One courses that incorporate international immersion.

There are many opportunities available to students of all backgrounds and with many different types of goals. Many schools offer graduate psychology degree programs, but this is a school with a unique program that prepares students for their life after graduation.