7 Chicago Schools to Get 100K in Technology

Technological contrivances these days have become more of a necessity than a simple desired luxury. With that in mind, seven Chicago schools are to be awarded with $100,000 scholarship each for the purpose of expanding technological resources mainly in the forms of iPhone, iPads, laptops and similar learning tools. These will be utilized by the […]

Grace Bush

Teen Receives College Degree Before High School Diploma

At this time of the year, students across the US are celebrating their high school as well as college graduations. A sixteen year old Florida whiz kid, however, received her college degree from Florida Atlantic University before graduating high school. Grace Bush who lives in Hollywood, FL achieved this weird feat as she graduated from […]


Are High School Students Prepared For The Real World?

Nation’s High School Report Card The 2013 mathematics section of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), American high school seniors performed terribly, with only about 25 percent performing well. As a result, the nation’s high school seniors appear to be entering the workplace in large numbers ill prepared for university studies or advanced demands […]

Mayor Emanuel Expands Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring on Steroids Chicago is home to many different groups of people of varying race, social status, education level, and other factors that make this population so diverse. Recently, the city has taken a special interest in working to improve the local schools, creating better opportunities for troubled teens, and offering the guidance necessary […]


College Athletes To Unionize

College Athletes Initiate Unionization Northwestern University is a private college that provides many opportunities for learning, and has several different campuses. Since the year that the school was originally founded, 1851, the school has made many changes that have influenced colleges across the country. Not long ago, the school helped to address the issue of […]

New Charter Schools to Open in Chicago | The Chicago School Reviews

Chicago Charter Schools Last year, nearly 50 district run schools were closed due to a number of evolving problems in the educational system. According to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, primarily there were two leading problems which led to the shutdown of schools in the South and West side of Chicago: They had too few students and […]

The Chicago School Reviews

The Chicago School Reviews Video | The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Chicago School Reviews takes a look at Chicago School of Professional Psychology To continue our series, here is a video on The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This video was uploaded on October 8th, 2013. It features an audio interview, where the student accounts what the experience is like attending school at TCSPP. The […]

Understanding the Psychological and Educational Development of Students with Learning Disabilities

Understanding the Psychological and Educational Development of Students with Learning Disabilities One of the biggest challenges a teacher can face is how to deal with children of varying learning and cognitive abilities. Moving too quickly through lessons will leave some students behind, while over-emphasizing a lesson can bore more advanced students, which eventually disengages them […]

The Psychological Advantage Presented by Recess

The Psychological Advantage Presented by Recess Less is the new more. Budgets are shrinking, school lunch portions are getting smaller, and now recess appears to be going the way of the dinosaurs. While it might seem better to give more time and attention to children in the classroom, is eliminating or shortening recess truly the […]

Psychology Explained: The Effect of Class Size on Academic and Social Learning

Psychology Explained: The Effect of Class Size on Academic and Social Learning From a class of one in home school to public schools struggling with overpopulation, there are endless configurations of class sizes in today’s educational process. Educators have known for years that size matters – particularly when it comes to literacy instruction. While it […]

The Psychology Behind Music in Early Education

The Psychology Behind Music in Early Education From recorders to choir, children are exposed to music classes in their early schooling years. While not everyone will progress to considerable musical talent, the benefits that music in early education provides are overwhelming. In fact, scientists can even track the psychological, philosophical, biological, etc. impacts of vibration […]

For Young Children, Play at School is as Important as Work

For Young Children, Play at School is as Important as Work     Education has seen a resurgence of factual overload and English and     math drills, even for young children. As the charter movement takes     the United States by storm, many young people, some as young as 6 or     7 years old, are […]

Responses to RTI – The Chicago School Reviews

Responses to RTI Author Sam Carter of & It is no secret or surprise that many students struggle with the standard curriculum at any school. While this does not necessarily indicate a specific learning disability, it does mean that students who struggle need extra support. A form of support that has taken off over the […]