Is Teacher Tenure Hurting Student Success? | The Chicago School Reviews

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In Chicago, the difference in skill level between teachers can have a huge impact on a student’s success. For example, a bad teacher may only cover half of a pre-specified curriculum during any given school year, while a great teacher may be able to cover over three times that amount. And for this reason, along with many others, tenure reformation is something that has boasted quite a lot of controversy in the educational community.

How Can Teacher Tenure Damage Student Success?
Students who are unfortunate enough to get fixed with a poor teacher for several years in a row will experience a far different academic approach than his or her peers. Without stricter teacher tenure policies, it’s possible for poor teachers to continue using inefficient learning methods- something that will only hurt students in the long run- without the worry of getting fired.

Should Teacher Tenure Be Eliminated Completely?
The idea of reforming, and even eliminating teacher tenure has been around for quite some time. But there are, of course, teachers who are against this. The Teacher’s Unions claim that more power should be given to principles, because the argument is that bad teachers will continue to negatively address students who want to learn and better themselves.

Since teachers get paid whether students learn or not, there isn’t really much of an incentive for them to exceed expectations. It’s generally only the really great teachers who are committed to doing whatever it takes to help a student succeed. Teachers who are frustrated, burnt out, or tired may approach teaching with an unhappy attitude, and be unable able to effectively educate students.

High-Quality Teachers Don’t Fear Tenure Reform
It’s safe to assume that high-quality teachers don’t fear tenure reform. As a result, it is teachers like these who are needed in schools, since they’ll be able to effectively educate students and produce better academic results. It is highly unlikely that a principle will fire a teacher who is excelling at his or her position.
Bad teachers, on the other hand, need teacher tenure policies to remain the way that they are. Otherwise, they’ll be faced with a decision to either put more effort into their teaching methods, or be subject to being let go (both of which they likely don’t want).

What Do Parents Think About Teacher Tenure Policy?
Parents, for the most part, have skewed outlooks on the matter. Some support the legislation while others feel the need to have it removed. For parents, the argument for eliminating teacher tenure would be to remove bad teachers from Chicago’s (and the nations) public education system.

Ironically, the parents who want to keep tenure teacher in place have the same motives, which are to make sure that great teachers remain “locked” in their positions. And as we had already mentioned earlier, great teachers don’t really have to worry about this in the first place since principles aren’t likely to let them go.