Teen Receives College Degree Before High School Diploma

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At this time of the year, students across the US are celebrating their high school as well as college graduations. A sixteen year old Florida whiz kid, however, received her college degree from Florida Atlantic University before graduating high school. Grace Bush who lives in Hollywood, FL achieved this weird feat as she graduated from college with a GPA of 3.8 prior to receiving her high school diploma as part of the dual program in which she had enrolled herself.

Grace Bush started reading when she was just 2 years old and in a Hollywood like story graduated from college and high school in the same week. This is what she told CBS Miami about her feat, “It is kind of weird. I graduated college first and then the high school.”

The teen had enrolled in Florida Atlantic University’s special dual-enrollment program as it gave college credit to talented students like her for some of the selected high school programs. She started at Broward College when she was just 13 years old and she also took her classes right through the summer. This enabled her to finish the four-year college degree in a matter of three years.

According to Grace, she is just following the family’s tradition. Grace is the third oldest child among nine children and her parents preferred that all their children did what Grace did as the dual-enrollment program allowed high-performing high school students to save tuition fees, which often run into many thousands of dollars. Since sending all the children to college is not an affordable proposition, they were all home schooled. Gisla Bush, Grace’s mother, who home schooled the kids was aware early on that Grace was good at learning and according to her, Grace’s ability to read from when she was two years old really shocked her.

The oldest sister of Grace has already graduated and the second oldest is due to graduate in the summer. The teen college graduate said that she will be pursuing her master’s degree during the fall this year. She will then be joining the law school.

Grace Bush who received her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice has set some ambitious dreams and goals to achieve for herself. Eventually, she wants to become the chief justice of the United States of America. She plays the flute, whenever she has some spare time. In fact, she plays in two orchestras which keep her busy. However, she says that she will need to take a small break during the summer, finally! We could use a lot more stories like this in our education system.