Top 5 High School Football Programs

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The Top 5 Public High School Football Teams


When considering the American educational experience, one tradition that is beloved in the hearts and minds of many is that of the high school football team. High school football is so iconic that entire television series have been based around it and there are a number of exceedingly popular songs dealing with the subject.

Because high school football is such a big deal, it makes sense that schools are proud to cultivate a successful football program. Although there are wildly successful programs at public and private high schools alike, the focus of this piece will be the top football programs at public high schools.

5 Public High Schools with Incredible Football Programs

Based on the scores, this is a cultivated list of the top five public high school football programs in the United States:

1.Central High School (Miami, Florida)

Central Highschool Miami

The Central High School Rockets are universally ranked first in the high school polls. The team is called the Rockets in reference to NASA and its space program, which was still in its infancy at the time when the school was founded.

Central High School has a number of notable athletic alumni including Willis McGahee and Demetrius Byrd.

Phone: 305-696-4161

Address: 1781 NW 95th Street – Miami, FL 33147

2.Allen High School (Allen, Texas)


Allen High School, located in Allen, Texas, has one of the most prolific football programs in the country. An International Baccalaureate school, Allen High School boasts the largest high school football stadium devoted to one team in the state of Texas.

Notable football alumni include: Casey Dick, George Benyola and J.D. Walton.

Phone: (972) 727-0400

Address: 300 Rivercrest Blvd, Allen, TX 75002

3.Washington High School (Miami, Florida)


Booker T. Washington High School is located in downtown Miami. Initially founded as a high school only for black students, Booker T. Washington High School has one of the best football programs in the country, according to the rankings.

Fun Fact: Booker T. Washington High School has a miniature planetarium on site.

Phone: (305) 324-8900

Address: 1200 NW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33136

4.Norcross High School (Norcross, Georgia)


Norcross High School, located in Norcross, Georgia has an outstanding football program that has long been respected for its ability to “breed quarterbacks.” The Norcross Blue Devils have developed a number of excellent college and pro athletes including Jeff Backus, Larry Gran, Darius Hanks and Adrian Hubbard.

Phone: (770) 448-3674

Address : 5300 Spalding Dr, Norcross, GA

5.Long Beach Poly High School (Long Beach, California)


Long Beach Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California is not only a great school for academics, it also has a wonderful high school football program. In fact, the Long Beach Poly Jackrabbits are the subject of a current TV reality series entitled Fourth and Forever, which has been heralded as a “real life Friday Night Lights.”

Notable alumni include Marques Anderson, Brian Banks, Darnell Bing, Mark Carrier, Jurrell Casey, Kareem Kelly, Hershel Dennis and Tony Hill.

Phone:(562) 591-0581

Address: 1600 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813

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