Top 5 Online Psychology Degrees

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Top 5 online Psychology Degrees

Here are the TOP 5 Psychology Degrees online

Top 5 Online Psychology Degrees

Today it is no longer necessary to attend college or university classes to obtain a degree. It is possible to achieve the same result online. For thousands of people, who would find it impractical or unfeasible to attend college otherwise, online education can be the steppingstone to a productive career. The following are the top 5 accredited online psychology degree programs in the United States as of January, 2013, according to the website .

1. Arizona State University – Pyschology Degree
The No.1 ranked online psychology program is Arizona State University (ASU)
ASU is also on the latest Wall Street Journal list of top 5 schools that employers favor for job recruiting. Ranked by the U.S. News and World Reports at No. 4 among up and coming online schools in 2012, ASU is apparently living up to that accolade.

Current online programs at ASU include a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Family and Human Development. Six different start dates are offered yearly. For more information, go to the school’s website programs/undergraduate/bachelor-arts-psychology.

2. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Psychology Degree

The online psychology program in 2nd place, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, better known as the Chicago School, has been offering programs since 1980. Masters and PhDs in psychology are attainable online, covering more than 20 specialties. Several shorter certificate programs are also available. Online classes start every 8 weeks. For more information, check the school’s website

3. Southern New Hampshire University – Pyschology Degree

3rd ranked Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) was rated a “Best Buy” by The school offers programs leading to a B.A. in psychology, with specializations in Child and Adolescent Development, Mental Health, or Forensic Psychology. Fall classes start 9/4/13. For more information, see the school’s website

4. Drexel University – Psycholgoy Degree

4th ranked Drexel University, a private university in Philadelphia, has been offering an online B. S degree in psychology since 1996. The program is considered one of the best in the country in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, and forensics. Drexel University’s partnerships with over 350 employers enable working professionals to pay reduced tuition. For more information, see the school’s website

5. Robert Morris University Psychology Degree

5th ranked Robert Morris University, located in Pittsburgh, also offers an online B.S. degree in psychology. The same professors who teach the psychology classes on campus teach the online classes. For more information, see the school’s website

There are many other excellent online psychology programs to which you can apply. If you have a particular school in mind, first make certain that the program is accredited. A good place to start is with this website