Top College Equestrian Programs

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Equestrian schools
Top College Equestrian Programs
For many people, a college or university’s football or basketball programs matter far less than the caliber of its equestrian facilities. Although equestrian sporting events have fallen into a niche market here in the United States, there are still many college students that wish to participate.
We have compiled a list of the best colleges for equestrian programs. Many of the schools included not only support competitive equestrian teams, they also have academic course tracks available to students who are passionate enough about equestrian issues that they wish to make a career of it.
Here are some of the highlights:
Alfred University
Located in Alfred, New York, Alfred University allows students who are inclined toward equestrian events to enter into an equestrian studies program that allows them to combine a minor in equine theory with whatever major they desire. The University also has a beautiful equestrian center that is easily accessible from campus.
Berry College
Situated in beautiful Rome, Georgia, Berry College’s equestrian program meshes well with its animal studies program. Additionally, the Berry College Women’s Equestrian Team regularly competes on a national level.
Centenary College
Centenary College offers a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies and provides its students with a state of the art equestrian facility that includes many barns, riding arenas and a complete hunt field. Additionally, the school supports a number of equestrian teams including an Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) dressage team, Western IHSA teams and hunter/jumper and hunt seat teams.

Colorado State University
Colorado State University’s equine program may be the most extensive of all the schools we have covered.
Beyond a standard Bachelor of Science in Equine Sciences program, Colorado State University also has a number of graduate programs available to people who wish to continue their studies. Furthermore, it supports a number of competitive teams across many disciplines including English riding, polo, ranch horse riding and rodeo.

Murray State University

Located in Kentucky, Murray State University has an Animal Science and Equine Bachelor Degree program and supports of a number of teams that compete on a national level. Additionally, the school boasts some of the finest equestrian facilities in the country.

Lake Erie College

Lake Erie College takes a more unconventional approach to its Equine Studies program. It is a liberal arts type program where you can major in equestrian facilities management or get your degree in equestrian training or equine entrepreneurship. The school also supports a number of competitive equestrian teams, including dressage and hunt seat.
Although many students may think about college sports only in terms of football or basketball, there are still plenty of opportunities available for students who wish to spend their time at college or university focusing on things of an equestrian nature. Whether you are looking for a competitive equestrian team or look to find a degree that fits your passion for all things horses, there is a college or university for you.